Can’t Get Enough of That Hot Duck Action!

Seriously, what is it with that duck from my last post? I can’t get him out of my mind. I just want to know what he’s thinking too. How can I found out what he’s got on his mind?


I know! I can use my computer skillz! Computer, I command thee: ZOOM AND ENHANCE!

5182340985_a19b828290_b ZOOM2

That’s better, but not good enough. Getting that close-up of his nostril is nice, but I can’t see what’s actually in his head. Computer, once more: ZOOM AND ENHANCE!

5182340985_a19b828290_b ZOOM4

If anything, that’s worse. I can’t see his nostril and I can’t see into his mind. Weak. Computer, one last time: ZOOM AND ENHANCE!

5182340985_a19b828290_b ZOOM5

Aaaaaaawww yeeeeeeeeah! That’s the business. I can see that his mind of full of love, or at the very least, hearts. Who are those hearts for though? Who? Me? You? Yeah, probably you, because fuck this cheating duck. Fuck him.

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