What Is He Packing?

As an expert user of Photoshop, I’m able to do all sorts of things with images. Cropping. Resizing. Pixellating… That’s about it, to be honest. But I’m pretty sure that Photoshop only has one or two additional features, so I’m not missing much.

Anyway, take the below image. It’s just a regular duck, doing his business, walking along, all chilled and that, without a care in the world. It’s still enough to raise the temperature a little, if you know what I mean, but nothing that’d stop you standing up.

Just doin’ my thing


With a tiny amount of Photoshop magic, I’m able to enhance that picture, so that it’s pretty much NSFW.

Packing the goods

If you were looking at this at work, and your boss saw this over your shoulder, there’s a good chance you’d either get fired or promoted. I don’t know where you work, so I can’t really say. Odds on, it’d be the first, but I bet there’s some places where you’d get a high-five and a step up the corporate ladder.

So, to answer the question, what is this duck packing? Here you go:


Everyone loves a hot dog



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