Anyone remember Sid James, from the Carry On films? For some reason, every Englishman is unable to say anything like “Phworr” or “You don’t get many of those to the pound” without sounding like Sid James, and following it up with one of his dirty old laughs. If you’re not English, then you may not be aware that when an English boy hits puberty, these things happen immediately:

  1. Develops a hairy arse (British for ass)
  2. Grows a shit, patchy moustache
  3. Gets a dirty laugh
  4. That’s it

Anyway, before I got side-tracked, I was going to point out the cracking breasts on this little lady.

massive breast

PHWORRRR! <dirty laugh>

Anyway, without being mean, she’d look a bit better with some lipstick on. So let’s use the magic of my decades in computer graphics to simulate what that would look like:

massive breast lipstick

Mmmmmmmm. That’s me done.

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